South East Asia Bible Fund

AsiaLink have committed to helping provide 50,000 copies of the Shan version of Mark’s Gospel as part of our South East Asia Bible project.

Country Profile

24 million
Capital City:
Tropical in south; monsoonal in north with hot, rainy season
Buddhist 54%; Non-religious 21%; Christian 8%; Traditional Ethnic 8.1%; Cao Dai/Hoa Hao 5.6%; Other 2.2%
People Groups:
Unreached People Groups:
Persecution index:
All open missionary work ceased in 1975


South East Asia Bibles

What: AsiaLink have committed to helping provide 50,000 copies of the Shan version of Mark’s Gospel as part of our South East Asia Bible project. These Gospels are not given out in a mass distribution but to individuals by evangelists and pastors. They then follow up later with those who received the books to see what questions they might have.

Other groups are receiving Scriptures too. The Koho people are receiving 5,000 copies and the Bru in Vietnam, another 10,000 New Testaments.

Why: An opportunity is currently open to us to help with this work. We anticipate the door will close at some point.

Operation Smile

What: To help children from poorer families in Vietnam who were born with cleft palate and/or harelip. Work is now broadening to include help to children with cerebral palsy and cancer. To provide opportunities for national Vietnamese evangelists to establish relationships with non-believers.

Why: Extensive health problems have been registered among rural Vietnamese. Nutritional deficiencies during pregnancies, poor use of pesticides and the legacy of the massive abuse of herbicides during the Vietnam War are thought to have resulted in the birth of thousands of Vietnamese children with severe medical difficulties. Agreements with State-run hospitals have been reached to operate on these children if outside finance is provided. Children and a family member are brought to the hospital and returned afterwards to their villages.AsiaLink also supports and trains local evangelists and pastors throughout Vietnam through a network of house churches.


Operation Smile Cost: A gift of £40 will help one child to have a better life, and an opportunity for his or her family to hear about Jesus Christ for the first time. A gift of £200 will bless 5 children. Bibles Cost: Suggested cost: £1.50 to print and distribute each Bible. £30 provides 20 Bibles. Give to Vietnam ministries here.


That the Lord would create a strong desire among families who have received medical help to know of the Gospel. For evangelists and their immediate families to be guarded from danger and persecution.

Check-out our interactive map and see if you can find where in the world Vietnam is.
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Kevin Le said:

smilies/angry.gif get out of vietnam you christian missionaries if the believe something that's not christian than that's their business okay!
May 18, 2011

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May 24, 2011

Atlanta Alarm Monitoring said:

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December 11, 2011

Brint evani said:

Halelujah! Lets preach Jesus Christ in vietnam. Lets see a a Vietnam washed by the Blood of Jesus Christ! Lets not be discourage vietnam must be saved! In Jesus name amen
April 25, 2013

joseph johnson said:

want to become Christian missionary in Vietnam. Have a lot of experience in Vietnam
July 09, 2013

Pham said:

Good job guys, keep on preaching the Gospel!!
One thing, the population of Vietnam is around 90M not 24M.
October 30, 2013

Julie said:

Praise the Lord! I am glad to see salvation is spreading all corners of the world, and thank God for those who are so committed to His callings in Vietnam! I love the Lord and His mercy.
April 04, 2014

Joseph Johnson said:

I am looking for Christian organization to help me go back Vietnam teach Bible there is a big opening for missionaries to bring the gospel to Vietnam. The people are very smart and now education is their number 1 concern for their children. They worship many gods and their knowledge of Jesus is only the baby they see in pictures. These people can be reached I lived there for almost 10 years have all the right contacts to set up home studies and later a Church. Thank you Joseph Johnson
July 15, 2014

joseph johnson said:

I know Vietnam very well I lived in many cities and in country side and as well. I have applied before have not seen any respond let me know asap
July 21, 2014

joseph johnson said:

Joseph Johnson My email is
July 21, 2014

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