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“And how shall they proclaim unless they are sent?” —Romans 10:15

God is raising up a whole new army of homefront believers whose lives are saturated with a passion for His global cause. These 'World' Christians are increasingly catching a vision of their part in sending—much as in today’s military, where every frontline combat soldier is backed up by nearly 100 support personnel. Wartime military strategy includes not only attacking an enemy's troops, but also destroying its supply lines – its bridges, roads and airfields. Supply lines are crucial to the success of the battle and should never be relegated in importance because those involved see less of the action. Many Christians are called to go but never hear that call. In the same way many have never considered their calling to stay at the rear and support those that go to the front lines. If you haven't heard the call to go then consider that you're called to stay and support those who do go! 

A soldier fighting on the front line has basic needs. Meals, medicines, and munitions are just a few of the fundamental supplies that are needed to keep a unit operating at full capacity. Soldiers must also have weapons and the consumables that weapons need to function, such as ammunition, repair parts, and fuel. The war is not just won by the those at the front but also by those at the rear. The supply lines are the avenue by which those at the front are encouraged and equipped.

Here are some of the ways that AsiaLink are 'sending':


Our work includes helping indigenous church leaders to direct their own outreach among Asia’s least-reached peoples.


AsiaLink helps support evangelists and church-planters in some of the region’s most inaccessible areas including practically helping those suffering as a direct result of their ministry.


We minister in over 300 church meetings, mission conferences and Bible studies every year in the UK, Ireland and the USA.


We respond with relief and community development projects among unreached people groups where the ultimate focus of the aid includes evangelism and church planting.


AsiaLink provides information and resources to friends and partners and encourages prayer for the unreached and those ministering to them.


We print and distribute Bibles and evangelistic literature in restricted access areas.

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Bible verse

you display your power among the peoples - Psalm 77:14

Missions Quote

"In the vast plain to the north I have sometimes seen, in the morning sun, the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary has ever been" - Robert Moffat