North Korea

nkoreaflagNORTH KOREA

'The worst of the worst' – Newsweek

No.1 most persecuted nation in the world.

Country Profile

24 million
Capital City:
Temperate with rainfall concentrated in summer
Non-religious 65%; Ethnic 16%; Buddhist 4.5%, Christian 1.7%; Other 13.5%
People Groups:
Unreached People Groups:
Persecution index:
The Church in North Korea was the birthplace of Korean revival — Pyongyang was known as the “Jerusalem of the East

Help provide food to the most needy. To help inside North Korea with acute medical needs. To participate in a network of prayer for the country and to share the Good News among those who have never heard. AsiaLink partners are working among in a variety of ministries and areas to help North Koreans.

Newsweek magazine described North Korea as “the worst of the worst”. The few aid workers who remain tell of orphanages crowded with shrivelled babies. The Church has been decimated and persecuted. No one knows how many believers remain. Confidentiality is a must for any Christian ministry in this land. Any North Korean Christian who is known to the authorities will be imprisoned in terrible conditions and many do not survive. Many have already died.


Cost: Various ministries are taking place where reporting and news will be necessarily limited. Suggested amount £25 per month. Medical work is ongoing and needs change. Sometimes hospital beds are required, other times, flatpack greenhouses or medical equipment. Suggested amount £30. Give to N.Korea ministries here. Sign up for regular news here.


Ministry among North Koreans is highly risky. Pray God's protection on mission activities every day. Many believers have been imprisoned or executed. Ask God to sustain the North Korean Church and bring grace and growth during this most intense of persecution.

Check-out our interactive map and see if you can find where in the world N.Korea is.
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Ptr. Joe P. De Ocampo said:

Every day, you and I are reminded of how tough life can be. It's true that life can be really hard but don't ever give up on our tomorrows! I believe our best days are ahead. The power of God's increase is so great that there are no challenge too big and no circumstances too difficult to be radically transformed. WHAT WE SEE AS A MAJOR SETBACK IS REALLY A DIVINE SETUP!
September 30, 2010

Muangpi said:

June 03, 2011

Lynn Hunt said:

Our Sunday school life group class is praying a as group for the North Koren missionaries. How can we best pray for your needs?
October 09, 2011

Danielle said:

My heart has recently been set on fire for the unreached around the world, for the persecuted brothes and sisters in countries like N. Korea. I want so badly to do something but at the moment my prayers are all I have to give. smilies/cry.gif
November 14, 2011

Rosa Manson said:

I am hoping to have an open discussion with both the North Korean and Mongolian Ambassadors on'Knowledge Sharing' Economic Development on all issues concerning North Korea.

I am at the moment, looking into sending Food Necessities as Emergency Aid to North Korea, as 40 North Korean Embassies around the world have been asked to ask their Governments for a quotq of "Rice". "Rice" in North Korea is underfunded by 80% and they have a deficit of a million tonnes, but I believe the quota is to pay for 305,000 tonnes to feed 5 million people.

I am trying to put an appeal mostly on 'Knowledge Sharing' ideas for the Ambassadors, then I will try and assist with the rice.

I am still waiting to hear what type of Hybrid Rice is eaten in North Korea, as one cannot just send anything.

I have been in contact with an organisation that works underground in North Korea called Alpha Relief, as well as North Korean Borders and Beyond. They are both Christian Organisations working in North Korea, but information is difficult to get out of the country, as since the death of Kim Jong-Il no one is allowed to use their mobile phones for 100 days, if they disobey they will be executed or treated as war criminals. So, I do like everyone else, just wait in the hope that one day they will have justice and freedom. Thanking you for your prayers and patience.
February 03, 2012

Pastor P.C.Bantu said:

Respected Sir,

Greetings to you wonderful name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I Rev.P.C.Bantu, I have been doing the gospel work since 15 years in state of Orissa,I have
small fellowship,the name of Fellowship is Zion Fellowship.20 pastors and evangelist working
with me to share the gospel,where the gospel is not reached there we reaching the gospel.

In state of Orissa there is great persecution going on against of Christian,Past year
Christian people left their homes and stayed at Jangal and forest.RSS and BISPAHINDU PARISADA
AND BAJARANGDAL stood against of Christian and they killed some Christian people and they
burnt Churches more than 100 and they broken all Christian people homes more than 3000.Not
only that but also they did many evil things against Christian people and at last they told to
kill all Pastors and evangelists those are working for Christ and doing gospel work.

We requests to you kindly pray for this people and remind them on your prayer,we also request
you please come and visit all the Pastors and Evangelists those are staying with pain and
sorrow and diong the Lord's work among unreached people.You can encourage our people through
word of God and bring new hope and revival in every heart to work more for the Lord in the
Lord's Fields.

You know that India is big country more than one 100 crode people living and among them few
people accepted Christ and remained more people without Christ that's why our vision and hope
that we reach Christ with gospel.

Pray for the work of Orissa and pray for the people those are suffering more for the Lord and
staying with pain and sorrow,we working and taking gospel to unreached people so pray for us
and for our gospel work.

We working boarder area of Andrapradesh and Orissa,Our some pastors working in Andrapradesh
near Orissa,Ten pastors and evangelists working in Andrapradesh and 15 pastors and evangelists
working in Orissa state district of Gajapati.

We have office in Parlakhemundi and we have small Church at Shantinagar,near Rly.Station.

We request to you please visit our Ministry and encourage us in the Lord.

We have some Orphan Children and Widows those are very poor and not geting daily food to eat
and wear the cloth so kindly consider this all things on your prayer.

We need you prayer and encouragement for our Ministry,all the pastors and evangelists they
working with me hardly to reach Christ unto unreahed People they need small helps to spread
the gosple unto unreached people so kindly consider us and our ZION FELLOWSHIP on your
prayer.Our Pastors and Evangelists need bicycle for gospel work.

We have been praying for you and for your Ministry in our daily prayer.
Thank you
Your Sincerely
Zion Fellowship

My Address
Post.Station Road
Mobile No.+91 98619666671
Email =

February 20, 2012

Matthew said:

N Korea has been on my heart for 3 years now. I need to get involved in doing something to help. I pray often, but I think i'm going to start collecting shoes, I want to send them into the country by launching them over the border for poor children. Hidden inside the shoes, I will include medicine/money and scripture. Who knows how I can get connected with a church or an organization in S Korea so I can get working on this?
March 14, 2012

Zander Du plessis said:

North Korea is possible the "worst of the worst", I'm currently studies at a mission school and I KNOW we are created to fight for the kingdom of God. My only question is, He died for YOU, why not live for HIM??????? PLease feel free to email me...

March 15, 2012

Charles Zechariah Kirikiri Bua said:

Am A Bible student from Glad Tidings College in Uganda.I would like to join you in Prayers for Christian Mission in North Korea.I have been praying alone for that country for the last 15 years.With God in Jesus name all is possible.I will be happy for your reply.Visit me on face book
March 31, 2012

Henri said:


The fate of the North Koreans is almost unbearable to think about. A good place to help the 24 million innocent civilians is at - created by Christians serving God.

We are one human community: from Asia to Africa, from Europe to to America, we are all brothers and sisters. Let us help end the suffering of those 24 million civilians who, quite literally, have no voice in their totalitarian country.
April 20, 2012

Rosa Manson said:


North Korea Peace Group who ar eon facebook, are sending socks for the sock appeal in exchange for food. shoes are a good idea but are not allowed in North Korea, as they are only allowed to wear those given to them by the Regime. Your shoes will just go to waste, unless you put them in balloons from seoul and try and get them across the border so that women could try and sell them in exchange for food. It is very complicated and unless you get permission from the relevant Ministries you could end upp in prison. I am hoping to send NEW blankets and general items via KAESONG TB hospital, but the window of opportuinty is only once a year. but I would ask the North Korea Peace group in Seoul, leave them a message on Facebook and see. But thank you, as everything is urgently needed, and I beleive that we can all do something how ever small.
April 30, 2012

Michael said:

May 10, 2012

My bible study and I are concerned about the people of North Korea.
We would like to pray for and financially support missionaries there. If you know how we can help plese contact me.
May 10, 2012

yonica vanmilder said:

i am in trouble please help me. i need your help
May 16, 2012

Pastor Jyothi Babu Ch. said:


Dearly beloved in Christ

I am Pastor Jyothibabu (Syam Kumar). From East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh State, South India.

Hearty greetings to you all in the most loving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I count this opportunity as a pleasure in which I am able write to you this letter. It is a faith Ministry which originated in India under a direct vision from the Lord.

My Testimony: - I was born and brought up in a good Christian family. When I was born my parents dedicated my life for Lord’s Ministry. But when I grow I rejected their dedication and God’s call. My desire was to become a good Doctor. So after my High School education I joined in a college to do my pre-Degree course with Science group. So after two years of my education in that College, while I was preparing for written exams God punished me. I effected with a high fever. That fever put me into Typhoid Sup. Nearly 28 days I was on my sick bed and used different medicine, but I did not get cure. Finally our Doctor said, ‘now you are in a very serious condition, so better consult with a Specialist’. When we heard his words I frightened so much and parents started to cry. So next day in the morning my father went our nearest town to talk with a good Doctor, but my mother made me to kneel down before Lord and told me about God’s call for His service. So I realized about God’s call for His Ministry and confessed my sins before Lord and dedicated my life for Lord’s Ministry. So God heard my prayers and healed me completely. Our Doctor came again to chick my health. He surprised and said; now you are alright. After I took baptism and my Pastor changed my new name as Syam Kumar.

God called me again in a prayer meeting for His full time service, through a prayerful lady. So I obeyed to His call and left my job and became a full time Lord’s servant.

So, I continued praying, the Lord showed me a VISION about the perishing souls in un reached tribal villages, I afraid, the heard a voice-“Arise for this matter belongth unto thee… Be of good courage, and do it.”

During that time the Lord called me and gave me this verse from Isa.45:2-3”I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in surrender the bers of iron: And I will give the treasurers of the darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I the Lord, which call thee thy name, am the God of Israel. I assured His words that He would take care of my life .I believed His promise and came to a interior place of DIVILI, I started my ministry from there.

I have a great burden in my heart about perishing souls who are in tribal and corner villages, and who are in heathen darkness. The Devil do this world has blinded the minds of the Hindu not to believe the glories of Jesus. My heart is burning with fanatical zeal to win Hindu perishing souls from eternal fire.

In our State in many villages we can see more then 92% are Hindus and 3% to 4% are Christians. And in some villages we can not see Christians. In those villages the majority of the people are poor laborers and living in poor huts. And the majority of the people are un educated. Among them many men and some women are drunkard. Because of this main problem their children and their old people are starving without food and cloths for many times. Due to poverty many of those children are not going to Schools and spoiling their lives and becoming beggars, slaves, servants and field workers etc;. Multitudes of sisters and brothers long for peace, joy and liberty. People are dying without Christ and Salvation. So I am praying and crying in my heart for their Salvation.

Now there are 42 Pastors and 10 lady evangelists are working with our fellowship and living on faith. We are all involved in reaching the un reached villages with the Gospel. Our Pastors and lady evangelists take all the pains to walk from village to village, and house to house to meet the people who are in heathen darkness and in the grief of devilish practices. In a particular way the Lord is guiding us in His glories Ministry.

Activities: - We are distributing different literature , and conducting prayer meetings in different villages, Church planting, and Hospital visiting etc;.


July 06, 2012

John Onango said:

Dear Servant of the Most High Living God,
Much greetings through the Holy name above all names Jesus Christ.
I and my beloved wife Ann,we are from Kenyenya Division, Kenyenya District, Kisii County Western part of Kenya , East Africa . we and other community members of our area we conduct a bible study group without a good foundation.

We were blessed by God to go through your website and after going through it we were very much blessed and also being touched with your wonderful spiritual teaching which of course touched us to request you for more teachings of the Holy word of God also to partner in prayers for furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

So please, kindly and humbly we pray our God through you to assist us by sending us your printable teaching materials and any advice if you can. May God of mercy, joy happiness grace, hope and love bless you, your family and the brethren there when you go out and come back from HIS ministry work while serving the Son of the Most High living God Jesus Christ the Savior of all.

Hoping to hear from you in the name of Jesus Christ,

Yours in Christ,
Ministers John and Ann
July 20, 2012

Rev.isacc dhas said:

Rev.Isacc dhas Bd,
Gospel mission for india,
Post box no 7,
Kancheepuram dist,
S India
Dear pastor in christ.Greet you in the name of our lord jesus christ.Pastor thanks for your reply.I am doing gospel ministry in remote villages in orisa and westbangal and anthra and karnadaka where the gospel unreached yet.Present 16 missionaries are working with our GMFI.We are running childrens home for street and parentless kids .Present in orisa and anthra and tamilnadu 90 disabled childrens are taken care of us in three differnt places through our bethlehem childrens homes orphanage.Pastor please pray for me and my family and ministry work in india.I need your prayer and help . I am traveling to all churches and preaching the word of god and sharing my testimony .Really many people were touched through my testimony with great blessings. Pastor i would like to visit your church . If you are interested to invite me to your church Please give me your date . I would like to meet you and like to do gospel ministry with you some days . Please pray for me and my family and my evangelical work, We are all praying for your family and ministry.God bless you all.I am looking up for your mail with prayer.May the blessings of the lord be with you all Amen Amen Amen
Forever in your heart with true love
In his service Rev.Isacc dhas
August 18, 2012

Nicholas Nganga said:

Please pray to our Heavenly Father for my following needs:

1)That God will provide for the financial,physical,technical and human resources
needed to build an international standard guest house and camping resort.
2)That the Lord will give me a breakthrough in my Voluntary Service in
Kenya programme to get volunteers,interns,missionaries and visitors from overseas.
3)That God will bless us to always have at least five(5) visitors from overseas at any particular time.
4)That God will supply me with the finances to buy a small bus to carry my visitors.
5)That the LORD will give me the ability to transform Education Supplements International into one of the major volunteer placement organizations in Kenya.
6)That our tours and travel business will prosper profitably.

God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Nicholas Ng'ang'a
Executive Director
Education Supplements International
P.O Box 3305
September 27, 2012

Charles Bua said:

A new wave of revival is kicking off where there was revival in such places as North Korea.Am glad that the same Jesus and Holy Spirit power will enhance God 's ministers for that purpose. We need to set up days for joint prayers for the revival.
October 10, 2012

Charles Bua said:

we must depend on God for mission in North Korea.Other means are not much effective compared to prayers for the missionaries and subsequent success in all activities of evangelism.
November 06, 2012

pastorbk said:

dear brothers and sisters pls pary for india. pary for banglore people hear many people are liveing in the road because no home and problem people. thnks
November 12, 2012

pastor lanka ravikanth said:

Dear friends,

Give the poor the gift of life
•Visit our at free of cost in which you can have a glance on the social services.
•We feed the poor orphans and the old aged people with the little what we have but most of them starve for food still and I am helpless so I pray to God to bless these people with sufficient food.
•Hence, a humble request to all of you to donate a dollar for each orphan so that they can have their meal for a day.
•We are running a welfare organization for poor people. Our projects are as follows
•*Free food supply *Rice and wheat distribution * Cloth distribution to poor people * Educational support programmes* Free medical camp and medicine distribution * Free note books and text books distribution * S.C & Tribal community development program. Visit our website
Thank you.
Kindly send your favorable donations
State Bank of India (SBI)Contact:
Branch code : 0907 SNEHASAHA ORPHANAGE
Branch Pin Code IFSC:SBIN0000907 Door Num:26 – 1- 43,
Bank Account No : 11046483437 Near R.T.C complex,
M I C R Code : 533002402 Ramchandrapuram
For the credit of Ravi Kanth Lanka East Godavari District,
Phone: +91 – 9391146445 PIN: 533255
Andhra Pradesh
South India

November 16, 2012


We are christians organization here in Senegal for evangelization and helping poor in the need of olds clothes used and toys. Please this message is to know if it is possible to recieve your free goods to support our humaniterians program and evangelization here in Senegal.

BP.26886 PLLES. ASS.
November 22, 2012

pastor farukh samuel said:

Dear beloved,
Grace and peace be unto you from God the Father and the son our Lord Jesus Christ.
I, kindly to request for donation for church re- constraction from your organization.
I am Chairman pastor of the above mentioned ministries, one of the growing churches here in Sahiwal,Punjab,Pakistan..
Our vision is;
1. Church planting in sahiwal and rural areas through holding small and mass crusades in those
areas. (Matt. 28v19-20, Mk. 16v15-16)
2. Grooming and training leaders through monthly seminars for our church leaders and
leaders from other denominations (churches)
3. Meeting the social needs of the under privileged people in the area.
I know you have a heart for Pakistan . Supporting this work, you are planting in a good soil and you're touching the heart bit of God. You would have fulfilled The Great Commission and the mighty God is going to bless you in Jesus name, amen (Lk. 6:38 & 2Cor 9:6,smilies/cool.gif.
This kind of support will take us a long way in terms of growth for our church and ministries pakistan.
Thanking you for considering our request.
In His Service
pastor farukh samuel from paksitan
will you pray for me and hold my family and the ministry up in prayer as we faithfully serve the Lord here in Pakistan?
Thank you for caring and for sending up a prayer on our behalf.
With a thankful heart,
Pastor Farukh Samuel From Pakistan
November 23, 2012

Charles Bua said:

prayer fails the maker not
November 29, 2012

stretch1847 said:

I heard a news story yesterday that broke my heart.

A very poor family, like millions in North Korean sold what belongings they had left to obtained rice to feed their family. The parents knowing they were unable to continue to provide for themselves and their children put rat poison in the rice.

Needless to say they all died.

I can't imagine feeling or being that hopeless, but this is the life of millions in North Korea. How do we help?? How do we make sure our aid gets to those who most desperately need it??
December 12, 2012

pastor m.samson sasikumar said:

Praise the lord

Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Brother and Sister’
My Name is Pastor M.Samson Sasikumar.i am a Indian, born and brought from Hindu family. Residing at no, 63 perumbedu Village, Pondur Post, thirukkalkundram Via, Kancheepuram Dist-603109
Tamilnadu south India, I have been accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour from childhood doing ministry in tamilnadu.the grace of god i started separate ministry called “ PISON TRUST” in 2006 this Pison trust is approved by state and central government. Poor people, orphanage children’s, tribal’s, widows. Old age people, supported by this ministry. Pison trust not only performing mission but all so doing social service. Through these they came to know about Jesus love and truth ans accepted Jesus as their saviour. We are continng this ministry to bring many people closer to god. For this ministry kindly support throught prayers and offring in the name of lord Jesus Christ. the member in pison trust are from hindu family . our aim is to bring our nation closer to god. We surrend completely to god and doing this ministry.

We are doing this ministry without church in more than 9 villages .our ministry need own land to build church . for that it will cast arownd many lakhs . our aim is to prepare the people for second coming of lord jesus Christ . this pison trust is not connected with any church or trust . kindly support and join us in this ministry to grow contruosly . we welcome you to visit this ministry . to know full details please visite website www.pison trust / face book pison trust . We need helping hands to our ministry.

For our ministry we need :

1)own land 2) to build church 3) vehicle 4) salary for missionaries 5) emergence light ,mic set , generator 6)pen pencil chocolate, bisects for children’s 7) Tamil holey bible smilies/cool.gif toys for children’s 9) cell phone 10)tracts in Tamil
2)Continual ministry of pison trust “

Our plan is to spread the truth of god to the people who don’t have aware of Jesus and to build a church

Encourage the children’s to know about Jesus and make them to accept Jesus as this personal saviour

to meet the poor and needy people

Youth fellowship man / women

Every three month conducting convention meeting

To visit and spread the words of god to sick people in hospitals every Sunday evening

Every month organizing all pastors together and pray for the people who are all unfamiliar to Jesus Christ especially praying lordly for the country

Passing the messages about Jesus through bible verse, song story, dance skit for the children’s every week in a different please

Praying each and everyday for the people who has fallen in sick.

Conducting all night and fasting prayers

1. 100 churches plant for our nation only.
2. 100 missionaries send to throughout India.
3. Will be start orphanage
4. Will be start out reach clinic (for free treatment)
5. Will be start bible collage
6. Will be start pastors fellowship (for every month)
7. Poor helps (handicapped, widows, leprosy)
8. Every month free medical camp and eye camp.
9. Construct for 100 churches building in India.
10. Church plantation, seminars
11 .village ministry
12. Missionaries, outreach ministry
13. Tracts distribution

please pray for my ministry.
Church ministry.
Village ministry.
Hospital ministry.
Tracks ministry.
Gospel ministry.
Orphan ministry.
Jail ministry.
100 hrs bible ministry.
Youth ministry.
Woman ministry.
Tribal ministry.

Request you all to take part in the Nobel Work by

• Praying
• Partnership
• Volunteering
• Tell to your friends

So we kindly request you to visite our ministry and support us. And also share about our ministry to your near and clears to put their hands together to grow up pison trust ministry

Contact us

January 05, 2013

Rev.Isacc dhas said:

Rev.Isacc dhas Bd,
Gospel mission for india,
Post box no 7,
Kancheepuram dist,
S India
Phone- 00919677373258 or 00919965450250
Dear pastor in Christ. Greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.Pastor thanks for your reply.I am doing gospel ministry in remote villages in Orisa and Westbangal and Anthra and Karnadaka where the gospel unreached yet.Present 16 missionaries are working with our GMFI.We are running children's home for street and parent less kids .Present in Orisa and Anthra and Tamilnadu 90 disabled children's are taken care of us in three different places through our bethlehem children's homes orphanage.Pastor please pray for me and my family and ministry work in India.I need your prayer and help .In month of MARCH 15 and 16- 2013 we are going to conducting international gospel crusade for two days.I would like to invite you to our guest speaker to this crusade nearly 1000 pastors and missionaries will gather this meeting from all the country.Pastor i am looking up your mail with prayer.GMFI would like to joint with your organization and do gospel work in india.We are all praying for your family and ministry.Pastor in my next mail i will send you our mission field photo and my family photo after receive your reply.Please pray for us.God bless your family and ministry The blessings of the lord be with you all forever Amen Amen Amen
Forever in your heart with true love
Yours brother in the service of unreached villages in North India
Rev.Isacc dhas
If God speak with your heart to support this ministry.Please send us small
money below bank account please .God bless you and your ministry and family
Name-Isacc manuvel dhas
Bank name-Indian overseas Bank
Bank account number-272901000001332
Bank address.-Thirukazhukundram Branch 2729 Tamilnadu India

January 19, 2013

vittal said:


Dear Beloved.
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 1 John16b Love is the only greatest and inevitable weapon to defeate Satan and to get victory and win the lost for Jesus Luke 19:10
Not by might nor by my power but by my spirit saith the lord of Hosts Zech 4:6 Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance.. Ps 2:8. James 1:27 Mark 16:15 Matt 28:19 matt 25:40
Loving Greeting to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD and our savior who died on the cross for our sins so that we can have eternal life ! "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE"! AMEN JOHN 3:16
My Name is K.Vittal , M.Tech(Master of Technology) completed. Bible Course B.Th (Bible of thelogy) 3 years course completed in Agape Bible College .Hyderabad. my father Name Rev.K.Kanthaiah, Senior pastor Gurrampode village& Mandal, District Nalgonda A.P INDIA. My mother Name K.Kamalamma god serve, My young Brother Name.K.Sunder Kumar studying M.Sc,(Ph.D) pursuing are sending their love and greeting to you. I accepted (Born again )
U CAN DONATE: any one of the following:1] You can donate for church construction / for school children 2] You can give us some free send some help if U do help I will send u pictures with what U donate to them May God’s glorious blessings be upon you!!May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you (all) Amen May God richly bless you with His presence Bond servants of Jesus Christ yours Brother. Vittal . I look forward to hear from U soon prayerfully.

Please pray for our ministry needs:-
Ø Plz pray for We need 2 churches in Rural villages.
Ø We need a sound system and materials etc.
@ Holy Bible needs 40 plz pray.
@plz pray for one school need poor children, place and building need.
plz help me Send contribute God works I started. plz send cheqs or transfer Money below Address. Thank u
phone no.9908618641
February 20, 2013

olupot c.d said:

Dearest in Christ,
I salute you in the precious name of our lord Jesus Christ, Amen! We thank you so much for the brilliant work you are providing to Africa.
Teso Give hope Organization (TEGI) is a community based christian organization in Ngora district, Teso sub region, eastern Uganda. TEGI realized the benefits of unity and believing that our problems in Teso can best be solved by getting together accepting that the lives of orphans and vulnerable children can be better by our social interaction within and outside the Teso community. Aware that they can play greater role in the future development of our mother country Uganda.
TEGI realized that the majority of vulnerable children and orphans have no access to education and health due to poverty and the majority end up staying at home since most of them are orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and their guardians cannot educate them. the majority of the children lack clothing, bedding’s and food and poor health and nutrition in the Teso community.
Many of the vulnerable children and orphans who drop out of school are idle without any productive activity that can engage them into productive life. For decades rural vulnerable children are left behind in the development and yet they play greater role in shaping the attitudes and development in their communities.
It was also intended to divert the energies of children from non productive to productive actions. We are focusing on helping the vulnerable children and orphans transform themselves and develop them morally, intellectually and economically.
To transform the lives of the vulnerable children and orphans who live with AIDS and whose parents died of HIV/AIDS in Teso sub region thru education and health
To rebuild and empower the poorest children and orphans in Teso community through health care and education.
Empowering the poorest children and orphans in their respective households with support from donors
A bout 62% of the children are living below poverty level, most of their parents died of HIV/AIDS effect and guardians rely on peasant economy and inadequate income generating actions are the hallmark of the poor majority of the widows and there vulnerable children and orphans in Teso sub region. Children less than 7 years of age represent 52% of the population that live in absolute poverty. Since the population is predominately young this means that a large proportion of the children are vulnerable.
High mortality from HIV/AIDS in the region makes it more likely for most of the children live in absolute poverty to increase.
The project focuses on vulnerable children and orphans and youth as the most marginalized groups in the community. A situation analysis carried out in 2010 showed that children encounter a number of problems in their day to day actions in life.
Most TEGI navigate was, HIV/AIDS effects, yucky violence of rights, limited access to educational services, poor health and sanitation, heavy work load inequitable sharing of benefits, The project therefore seeks to help the vulnerable children, orphans and the youth mostly.
• To reduce child mortality.
• To help the orphans and vulnerable children in the meeting of educational needs in the society.
• To alleviate poverty among the vulnerable children and orphans.
• To improve the health of the vulnerable children through sensitization and training.
• Provision of the livestock to the vulnerable children and orphans.
• To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases among the vulnerable children.
To re-build and empower children in Teso region.
• Construction of a resource centre for orphans and vulnerable children.
• Provision of basic needs for children, like paying school fees, school uniforms, books and pens, pencils and clothing in supporting their education.
• Training young disadvantaged children how to live healthy life and to teach them how to keep their hygiene.
• Alleviate poverty among children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS.
• Access to education for vulnerable children and orphans.
Expected results;
• Improved education for the orphans and vulnerable children
• Improved standard of living for children
• Reduced poverty among children
• Reduced mortality rate
Therefore we are kindly requesting for a financial support from your ministry and may the almighty GOD guide and continue to bless the work of your hands abundantly. Waiting to hear from you
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Olupot Charles Dickens.
Phone:+256 772851726
February 22, 2013

stepehn payot said:

Dear missionaries

I appreciate what you have done! it said in the word of God in Ephesians, Matthew and Mark, it says "preaching the word of God!" I am here because I see from your works that you please God from your whole life. God said in the book of Matthew "Love the Lord with all your heart, mind,soul and strength." to make my gratitude short i just want to ask some wonderful tips in salvation. God bless to all
March 11, 2013

Mikki said:

Why do christians walk around trying to find truth in a corrupted book? when there is the Quran as the perfect guide from the same God who made the heavens and the earth.. if you question its authenticity then you are more than welcome to complete any of the (in your face) challenges set out in the Quran by Allah to all of mankind and Jinn (ghosts) living on this earth..


Read the perfection of the Quran..!!!!
March 11, 2013

Kevin said:

I feel as though God has called me to serve in these missionaries. I'm only a teenager, so all I can do now is pray, but when the time comes, who should I contact to join in a mission like this?
God bless you. smilies/smiley.gif
April 05, 2013

Michael Derek said:

Dear Sir,
How can I help your Ministry? l am willingly to finance and sponsor your

l await your response through my private email:


Sent by: Mrs. Florence Martins (Secretary)
May 15, 2013

das said:

hi, my name is Das and iam wokring for the lord and i want to help our Indians in my home town vijayawada through Sports Ministry. so please pray and contact us. we can go all over India and can do the sports ministry. Gospel through sports. if any one wants us to come to ur church and do the ministry ,. most welcome to welcome to ur place. we will be much thankfull
July 04, 2013

Deyon said:

Please pray for my book and buy it. TRAVELLING WITH CHRIST and u can contact us at 9885152199 for ur valuable prayers. i do Kids ministry, sports ministry and youth Ministry and evangelical ministry. God called me when i was 16 years and still doing His work by leaving every thing. all glory to Lord Jesus Amen. i want all pastors in India to contact me so that i can come and meet and do ministry of sports and teach games and sunday school songs as well freely
July 04, 2013

Deyon said:

my email is . pls feel free to contct us and see our website
July 04, 2013

Pastor O D Ananda Rao Samuel said:

Praise the lord
I am Rev. O.D.Ananda Rao Samuel; full time Christian gospel worker.
About my self: - My parents dedicated me to JESUS CHRIST when I was born. And I am also dedicated my life to CHRIST service.
India is "Hindu" religious country. In my country most of the people worship IDOLS. These people not accepting JESUS CHRIST. Indian population 115 cross, 80% Hindus ; 13% Muslims ; 4% Sikhs and last 3% Christians. There is so much God’s work in my country. And Christian gospel workers, Evangelists and pastors are getting so many troubles by Hindu religion people. If any way to serve JESUS CHRIST message until my last breath. I am only one son to my parents. And I have one sister who slept in Jesus Christ long ago while she was at 2 years old. And we hope she reached safely in to the hands of JESUS CHRIST. My sister is named "SHRINE BASILICA". Since she was invited by Jesus in to his hands my parents started a ministry by her name. And the ministry is called "BREADS" "Basilica Rural Evangelical and Development Society" since 1982.My parents started and constructed 5 churches (Thatched Houses).Still now I have 3 churches only. 2 churches destroyed with fire by anti Christians (24rth August 200smilies/cool.gif. These 2 churches located in Orissa state. Most dangerous state in our country. Another 3 church located in Andhra Pradesh state.
In this ministry with out any support we preach gospel and do out reach ministry. And
Also started one Orphanage home.
August 23rd 2008 one HINDU religion Elder killed by militants in Orissa. With out any reason IDOLS worship people attacked and killed so many people nearly 174 Christian believers died And destroyed 12 churches. These incidents are telecasted BBC&CNN and another news channels. With these details I would like to invite you to India to witness my ministry and to take part in helping the needy.
I hope you would encourage my ministry in all aspects please pray for me and my ministry In His service
Rev.O.D.Ananda Rao Samuel
{BREADS} INDIA Cell: - +919848443495 , Email:-

July 15, 2013

Zeeshan said:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Respected Brother,

First of all i believe in calling from Our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Savior.
Jesus has called me for His work in Pakistan.So Jesus give me vision for Pakistan which is a muslim country. So i have started work for Lord Jesus Christ in the area of “Riaz Town Christian Colony Qasimbela Multan, Punjab , Pakistan”.

Our Church is in initial stage now.
I am writing this email to you on the behalf of my Church people. And we will thankful to you if you should showed us your interest for working in Pakistan. We all are thankful to you specially me, my wife and my team. We are praying for you and your Church people.
May Lord Jesus Christ use you more and more on Earth for preaching, and for His glory.

The future projects that are in pipeline and your role in this cause.
We are group of young individuals who committed themselves to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
As you know that Pakistan is a third world Muslim country and being a Christian we are facing here many difficulties and problems regarding ministry work.
1-Church planting (Matt 16:1smilies/cool.gif
2- Sunday school and Kids Bible School
3- Free Formal Education (Labors child education Proper schooling system)
4-Outreach for Christians who are living in villages (……….the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Matthew15:24)
5- Youth/Leaders seminars (Youth is a back bone of Church).
6- Sewing School (for women those who are house wives rather they are Muslims or Christians)
7- Adults Education project.
8- Maternity Clinic (For women and others also)
9- Daily Verse (People will get free Bible verse on their mobiles)
10- Village Ministry (Share the Gospel who are living in villages)
11- TV/ Radio station (Religious)
We also want to reach more and more people so that we can send Bible to as many people as we can.
We are doing it at our best with the limited resources we have at present but to increase this work and to work on a new projects with your support and help. So we need your financial help.
The seed which you will sow today will be ripe one day. So by your financial help, for the glory of God would you help many people to get closer to God? The results will you see in future.

Our needs for Lords work in Pakistan are below:

Particulars PurposeBenefits /outputs in future
Church Building (beautiful) and Church OfficeWorship and preachingMany people can come in Church building and can do prayer safely.
Sunday school or Kids bible school, Adults Education Hall To teach small Children and adults as well asAdults and Children will know about Jesus Christ. They will learn about Bible and know to read.
Sound system and musical instrumentsFor worship of Lord Jesus ChristPraise and worship will be better people will be anointed.
(John 4/23,24)
Generator for Church (Medium) Due to Electricity problem in PakistanWithout waiting for electricity we can continue our meeting and will never disturbed by this.
Proper School system Free Education for all Children
By this we can attract many people and children towards Church and can make them disciple of Jesus Christ.
Sewing Centre
(6-Machines)For house wives
(they get trained)They can earn money and can support their families.
Laptop and projector (Good quality)For Sunday school showing bible movies and cartoons Easy way to teach Children, they like to see cartoon. They will know bible stories. They will be good Christians in society by this.
Church VanOutside Meetings. And People who came from long distance. (Pick and drop) People will reach in time for Church. More people can join us for praise and worship. We can go outside for ministry work like village areas. We can catch many people for Jesus
Furniture and stationeryChurch and Sunday schoolTo create proper environment, people can sit easily during meeting

We are thankful for your time and resources and prayers for us so may God almighty richly bless you, your family and your ministry. Keep us in your personal and congregational prayers.

Feel free for contact at any time:
Email Address:
Contact Numbers: +923137647553

Pastor Zeeshan Yunis

August 03, 2013

nasar mahmood said:








cell no: 0092-345-6993366
August 05, 2013

pastor B.h pradhan said:

pr b.h pradhan at/po jesco rayagada odisha india 765002 ,working in villegeses and most inter area to reach the unreach we need your prayer and support for the ministry and free literature and bibles and cd, books plz sent for us thank you your in him ,pr B.h pradhan
August 12, 2013

Thomas Matwetwe said:

Only the blood of Jesus has lasting and eternal value. .When everything pass away, only the redeeming power of Christ’s blood will continue ....THE BLOOD OF JESUS shall never never lose its power. Thank you for your message, I look forward to your new dates of the visit to Kenya, how is ministry and family doing. You are not a lone in this walk and fight of Faith, I am also from Kenya , I ask for your prayers for my ministry in Kenya God to meet with all my needs. Psalms 120,121,122. My email is . I need missionaries who would be working on the revivals and Crusades in Africa Kenya in 2014 as well meet with volunteers who can help medicate our people in the rural areas.
August 16, 2013

bhasakran said:

we are serving the lord through sports and games in an around India and near by countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, Srilanka, etc.

Me as a basket ball player and a coach, reaching and teaching, in order to bring the sports personals, coaches, sports people, young and youth to the Lord's Feet.

Envisioning, equipping the leaders, training the local pastors, and sports people to be a second level leaders and on go in sports ministry.

Guiding, and directing them in sports ministry as wel as in order to reach the un reach by community games through local churches.

we as a team arrange and target sports ministry mission trips to various states in India and near by countries. by Organizing sports coaching camps in different aspects of the sports discipline.

arranging open marathon for the mass evangelism work in order to get beneficent the local chuuches ,

by organizing trekking to Himalayaian Region Called Sikkim( Chchun Jaka Region) where we have one our sports ministry chapter and much more.

uphold us in prayers.

August 23, 2013

Rev.isacc dhas said:

Rev.Isacc dhas Bd
Gospel mission for India,IHQ
Post box no 7,
Kancheepuram dist,
S India
Phone- 00919677373258
Dear pastor in Christ. Greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.Pastor thanks for your reply.I am doing gospel ministry in remote villages in Orisa and Westbangal and Anthra and Karnataka where the gospel unreached yet.Present 16 missionaries are working with our GMFI.We are running children's home for street and parentless kids .Present in Orisa and Anthra and Tamilnadu 90 disabled children's are taken care of us in three different places through our bethlehem children's homes orphanage.Pastor please pray for me and my family and ministry work in India.I need your prayer and help .In month of November 15 and 16- 2013 we are going to conducting international gospel crusade for two days.I would like to invite you to our guest speaker to this crusade nearly 1000 pastors and missionaries will gather this meeting from all the country.Pastor i am looking up your mail with prayer.GMFI would like to joint with your organization and do gospel work in
India.We are all praying for your family and ministry.Pastor in my next mail i will send you our mission field photo and my family photo after receive your mail.Pastor i like to visit your church and preach the word of god and encourage your congregation .My testimony would be a great blessings for your church people to grow in spriritual and to bring great revival.I love to see you and stay with you for two weeks Please invite me to your church and give me a chance to preach in your church.Brother please invite me to your country.God bless our friendship for his kingdom.We are praying for your family and ministry.I am looking forward for your reply with much prayer.If God speak with your heart to support this ministry.Please send us small
money below bank account please .God bless you and your ministry and family
You can make a difference! by
Sponsoring a Child
Sponsoring a Pastor / Evangelist
Supporting Church Construction
Supporting Educational Programmes
Supporting Evangelistic Outreaches
Supporting Medical Programmes
Supporting TV/Radio/Film media ministries
Pponsoring Leper patient at Leprosy Centre
Sponsoring Bible College Student
Sponsoring our Relief & Disaster-Aid Programmes
Please send your sponsorship donation to my mailing address as Lord leads you to support the poor pastors and orphan kids Please send your sponsorship donation through Western Union Money Transfer (or) Trans Fast Money Transfer (or) Money Gram Money Transfer.Please send us ten digital MTC number and sender name after send money through western union Money Transfer.
Rev.Isacc dhas
September 09, 2013

mrs patricia knewl said:

Dear Beloved One;

l am Mrs Patricia Knewl,I am contacting you to let you know my desire to establish a charity foundation in your country with this sum of ( US$5 Million), my late husband Mr John Knewl, was a well known Gold dealer before he died.

I want this money to be sheared among the next privileged since i do not have a child to inherit it and my late husband relatives are Non-believers and i don't want my husband heard earn money to be used by unbelievers since I am sure that they will not utilize the money in the way I have directed them.

Hence the reason for taking this bold decision. I know that after death I will be with God the most holy and the most merciful.

It is a very important confidential massage that i will like to tell you more about it,kindly get in touch with me so that i can give you full detail based on this project as well give you a little knowledge on how to achieve it.

Until i hear from you my dreams lay hugely on your shoulders
I am waiting to read from you soon
Mrs Patricia Knewl.

September 18, 2013

John Milton said:

Dear one in CHRIST,

My name is John Milton. I am doing Evangelical service. Our CARMEL CHURCH building was constructed long back ago in a rural village near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh State off INDIA. It is now in a collapsing stage. We are gathering of hundred believers. We, the church members are planning to construct a new building. So, please pray for us and help us financially. We will always remember your gesture. We also welcome you to visit our church and bless us. Thank You.

Our address please:
John Milton
IV F 3, Mahalakshmi Towers,
GUNTUR – 522 007

Our Bank A/c.No.135910100028155
Andhra Bank, 1359
Brindavan Gardens, GUNTUR.
MICR CODE: 520011121.
September 26, 2013

jimbo said:

God wants me to go to North Korea but i got an inoperable hernia.....i'v been in prison in Australia....i won't be able to with-stand torture or imprisonment but i don't care if they kill long as it's quick, eh?

i want Jesus to give me "a special commission" so i can get direct access to the leader, Kim Jong Un (?)....i know a bit of the Scriptures and that and a bit abt creation science and that....but....i'm no Bible scholar...

thanks, Amen!
November 09, 2013

sonia naz greaty said:

Name of Ministry: Hananiah Ministries
Greetings & Peace in the name of Lord Jesus!


I am vice chairman of Hananiah Ministry in Faisalabad Pakistan. My name is Evangelist, Sonia Naz Greaty. Hananiah Ministry is serving in Faisalabad/Pakistan. We are running this ministry on faith and self support. Faisalabad is 3rd largest city of Pakistan. Faisalabad city is surrounded with rural and backwards areas. Many peoples are working on [Bhatta] where peoples make bricks. They are earning money on daily wages. Due to this reason many children’s can’t get formal education in schools. In Faisalabad literacy ratio is very low and most of peoples are uneducated. Peoples don’t know about Jesus Christ. Because here majority of non-believers peoples. As I told you our ministry is serving on local level. Many peoples want to learn about gospel and want to become true believers but due to the lack of finance we are unable to reach to these areas people.

Request for Evangelism.

Holy Spirit led me and I have visited your website. Your ministry working for the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Hananiah Ministries inviting you and your evangelism team in Pakistan for revival of the gospel. We believe your evangelism team reaching to un-reached peoples. We invite you please come in Pakistan and evangelize Non-believers people. Who don’t have faith in Jesus Christ. Many peoples will accept Jesus Christ as savior and Lord and they will get salvation through your evangelism program. For this purpose, I request to you! Please organize your evangelism program in Pakistan and evangelize our non-believers community. We will support your evangelism programs voluntarily. In our society dire need of Gospel Education. We will host your evangelism team and take care of them.

Request for Online Prayers Meetings through SKYPE, ‘

If you don’t have time to come Pakistan. You can give us time to teach our people through internet skype. So we can arrange here prayer meeting weekly and in this meeting you can share and teach our nation. You can preach in Pakistan through Internet online. We welcome you for this. God will bless you more with this work.

Targeted Areas: Sidhar bypass, Konjwani, Nasrat Colony, Rasool Park, Etc

These areas are too far from city areas. We have not transportation facility but we are visiting that areas and working there. We wish your evangelism team come in these targeted areas and evangelize these peoples. I believe God will do miracle in our society through your participation. If you are agree to evangelize non-believers of these areas people who never heard the word of God. Please contact us. I will wait your reply as soon as possible.

Programs / Projects,

Help the widows

Bible School for children’s

Gospel Seminars and Conference

Sunday school for children’s

Weekly prayer meetings

Stitch center for uneducated young girls.

Please pray for us and for our programs and projects. We want to do more work with grace of God.

Donate us: I need your prayers and financial gifts to reach in these areas.

God bless you.

Thank you,
Sincerely in Christ,
Evangelist Sonia Naz Greaty

Skype: ev.sonianazgreaty

Contact Detail:

Sonia Naz Greaty

Hananiah Ministry
Khoker Town St #4 Namatabad Road Jhang Road Faisalabad/Pakistan.
Tel: +92-315-7049880
November 11, 2013

Ps.Benjamin Karado said:

Respected Sir,

Greeting to you in the matchless name of Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

This is to inform you that I am Pr.Benjamin from state of Orissa have been working since five years in church planting and children ministry in different villages of Gajapati,Orisaa.I have fifty five believers in my church and 65 poor children are living in village called Parichagaon, Gajapati.those believers were from a orthodox Hindu background but the grace of God and with much hard work of sharing the gospel to them,God has added those believers to my church.there are many villages to be reached with love of Christ those who living with out Christ.there are 65 poor and orphan children those who have no parent but i am unable to meet their basic need such as food,cloths and education etc.i have a burning desire to serve among poor children and share the love Christ with many people but I don’t have anyone who will help me in this ministries .if there is any ministry opportunities or help please let me know.because i am very much eagar to serve the Lord through children ministry. Your support will be a great helpful for my ministries to extend the kingdom of God more and more. Kindly pray for me and ministries so that our loving God may use me more effective way for extension of His kingdom and open the support door .I am eagerly waiting to listen from you.

Thanking You
Yours in Christ Service

January 13, 2014

Chemicals marketing company said:

Dear, Friend
Are You having A problem In Your Anti-breeze Negative Defaced notes?
You are at the right place Now the Chemicals marketing company will be there for you. It impresses us to bring to your notice that the Chemicals marketing company have Original currency Laboratory and Equipments use in cleaning all kind of Colors Negative Defaced notes Anti-breeze Bank notes and deface Bank notes. We manufacture and sell of all Kinds of chemicals and chemical Powder which includes SD,SSSD,H2O,ETC...
We supply all material then after cleaning your notes currency you paid us don't forget to inform your friends and relatives if he or she has such a problem by giving him or her our email address to write to us; REPLY EMAIL;
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4, Residential Address:
5, Date of Birth:
6, Age:
7, Marital Status:
8, Mobile No:
9, Occupation:
10, Company:
11, Amount in the box:
contact me to discuss further with you
Best Regards,
Miss.Abigail jonathan
May 30, 2014

Sister Anita Johnson said:

Dearest Beloved.Greetings to you.

First of all let me introduce myself to you I am Sister Anita Adams Johnson from Ivory Coast . I am married to late Chief Adams Johnson of blessed memory.My late husband was a produce marchant and contractor to the government on export of coaca. We were married for eleven Years without a child, since his death I too have been battling with both cancer and fibroid problem.

Recently,I am in the hospital due to my critical health condition and my doctor told me that I would not last for few months and having known my condition I Decided to donate my late husband's funds(US$8.7Million) deposited with a leading Bank here to you so that you will Utilize this money for yourself and also for the Orphanages, widows and motherless organizations.

I will also issue an Order of authority to the bank, authorizing them that the said sum has been willed to you and a copy of such authorization will be forwarded to you. Any delay in your reply will give room in sourcing for another person / organization for this same purpose.

You may ask why I took this decision to transfer the fund to you??why can't I withdraw from the fund to take care of my health???
Until I hear from you today unfailingly,i will give you a detail information of the fund and get you

cleared of these rehotorical questions.
Yours sincerely,
Sister Anita Johnson
August 13, 2014

pastor s.samuvel said:

praise the lord greeting to you in jesus name hope y r fine we r by the grace of god,i am doing ministry in india ,tamilnadu, i am doing church ministry, in that children ministry,in the villeges,helping orphans, free tuition centre for the poor people,youth ministry,bible class for youth to motivate for the ministry,
gospel meetings , gospel outreech,conventions,we are near sea shore side our church is not a concreat building but made by tree branches and leaves it is already broken so we need to build the church soon because during the rain all water in side the church so please help us to buy the land and build the church i hope that god will help through you please help us if you want i can send my church photos to u or if you come to india you can visit us thank you 009786863763
August 30, 2014

Pastor D.P Smile Gurung said:

Dearly beloved People of God,Greetings in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
We are serving the lord in the midst of buddhist and hindu people in our region. We have a church planting ministry in the interior place of Sikkim India.If any like minded friends are willing to partner with us to reach the unreached then please do contact us.We are praying for church buildings in the place where the church has been started.we are running discipleship training for the equipping the saints.we covetyour prayer very much.if you are led by the Lord please feel free to contact us,, +919734126703
October 17, 2014

y.krupa sekhar said:

greetings to you in name of our god name is suvarta raju.iam a jesus christ preacher.indenpendent preacher. and i am study ing 3rd B.TECH mechanical engineer ing . iam
living small village.25 members will come to my church.but they are very poor.and also i am ptreaching gospel of jesus christ to my surrounding places.i am very poor student.pray for me.please contact my email please reply brother
January 03, 2015

y.krupa sekhar said:

my name is suvarta raju.s/o krupa sekhar.please reply brother to my email
January 03, 2015

Grace said:

Praise the Lord,

In the name of Jesus you will call me on my number I believe ....only if God tells you to talk to me only then pls contact me on to talk to you personally..

January 08, 2015


`Dear pastor!
Greetings!. I am Pastor.Ratchagarajar from India aged 40 years graduated theology in Assemblies of God Bible college at Chennai in India. God called me in the year of 1997 and served our Lord through village ministries, carecells, children ministry, youth ministry, leadership training, pastors seminar, Bible teaching etc.,. by being as church pastor in Tamilnadu in India.
I am praying for the revival of our nation India. I thank Lord for He is performing a great revival in Korea. If you have a passion for India, I gladly welcome your presence to establish the Kingdom of God in India.
I continue to pray for your ministry.

Thank you
Yours in Christ

Contact Address:

9, Kamaraj Street
Marakkanam Road
Pin: 604 001
Cell: 91-9894686402
March 24, 2015

Peter Bruce said:

smilies/cheesy.gif. Hole my name rev Peter in Ghana . I went to join mission work . I am in Ghana Africa so let her form you. God bless you.
April 03, 2015

Patricia Anil said:

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Combating Abuse / Violence against Women and Girls (ICCAVAWG) which will be held from June 19th to 22nd August 2015 in Washington United States and from 25th to 29th August 2015 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via Conference Centre Barcelona Spain.

This Conference will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators from around the world. Note that all interested delegate that requires entry visa to attend this meeting in Washington United States and Barcelona Spain will be assisted by the organization in obtaining visa in their passport.

The conference welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants willing to present papers during the conference. For more information; please contact Rose Morgan via Email:

Prizes and Awards will be available for individual or Group that distinguished themselves in their areas of discipline.


Patricia Anil
Member Organizing Committee
June 27, 2015

Comlan Manwouton Emmanuel  said:

Blessed brethren in christ, i come respectively to you with heavenly greeting, may the almighty God who mandated you to do this work bless you all in Jesus name. It has been a great burden in my heart to ask you. Please brethren, " DID YOU HELP THE POOR CHURCHES OR THE CHURCHES THAT JUST STARTED? If yes, please, direct me to the steps i will follow for this to be done; if no, please, can you help me to find any one who help the poor churches? Thanks.
August 29, 2015

Patrick Kampangwe said:

Greetings in Jesus Name! we are Twin Foundation Zambia a christian organisation with its mission statement is to bring hope, help and remedy to widows, orphans and vulnerable children. we are building an orphanage centre . we are asking for assitance to finish build orphanage and sewing machines for skills training(widows)
November 22, 2015

Mathew said:

Greetings in Jesus name!I am Mathew ,I doing ministry.I got married and having two children,they are studying.I was effected by TB and undergone treatment.We don't have one cent lant for built one house ,my older mother and my family are staying in rented house.My health condition also very poor and my family under financial struggle .Please pray that God would open the way for us .Please continue to pray for my and my family and all the needs.Thank you
July 20, 2016

Mathew said:

My Phone no.9539096117 and my Email.ID
July 20, 2016

Agyareyeboah said:

My God touch your heart to put up your church in Ghana to win souls for Him . Amen!

August 25, 2016

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