Revival in north east India makes waves among the unreached

In the 1950s the Indian army went through Nagaland burning towns and villages forcing the people to flee to the jungle.

Country Profile

2 million
Capital City:
Largely monsoon climate with high humidity levels
90% of Nagalese are considered to be Christian

In these harsh conditions the Lord provided for the people in amazing and often miraculous ways. There was huge conversion. This revival continued for years. Prayer carried on for a long time and in 1976 another major revival broke out and the effects of this are still continuing today.

The second revival inspired missions as never before. Naga eyes were opened – really for the first time - to see the neighbouring States and countries where the Gospel had not yet taken root. So 1976 saw a huge expansion of the work and the launch into missionary endeavour. This was felt at home too where many common sins like bitterness and unforgiveness within Churches were also dealt with.


The Asia Workers' Fund helps equip Naga evangelists to minister across other Himalayan regions, including Nepal and Bhutan. Why: For many years Nagaland has enjoyed rich spiritual revival. It has one of the strongest evangelical populations in the world. It’s believers are now beginning to catch the missions vision for other people groups in NE India and the Himalayan region. AsiaLink is able to help with missions training for Nagas as well as with the high cost of travel to distant locations for ministry to the unreached.

Cost: Suggested amount: £20. Give to Asia Workers ministry here.


That the vibrancy and depth of the Naga Church would translate itself into a passionate and sacrificial missionary vision for those in neighbouring regions.

Check-out our interactive map and see if you can find where in the world Nagaland is.
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Orwatt Danilo Arias Ayala said:

Quiero hacer mucho,,,,,en que puedo alludar
June 12, 2011

Ariel Keren-Or said:

Dearest saints, brothers and sisters in Yeshua the Messiah and Begotten Son of Yahweh-God, Shalom!
I am a Jewish Israeli Believer in Yeshua our Messiah. I came to meet a group of elders, precious saints from Nagaland when I was doing conferences in Shillong - capital of Meghalaya State in Northeast India by August 2010. I was invited to come and share the Word of our Saviour Yeshua among the saints in Nagaland. Unfortunately the brothers did not give me any email to be in touch with them. I have many good connection among the Garo, Khasi, and kuki, and many other saints, and they could give you information about me. I am about to be back in India from the beginning of September, and I would love to go up to Nagaland to worship the Lord God of Israel together! Please, be in touch! Yours, in Christ! Brother Ariel Keren-Or
Skype: arielkerenor
May 24, 2012

tribal said:

Stop converting innocent tribal people. You guys have no idea what Christ was like. Don't call yourself preachers and insult the almighty. May God mercy you. May God show you the path. Kneel down and ask for forgiveness. God's wrath is upon you, for you have sinned my friend, you have sinned! You have no right to influence others but only to stand witness to God's miracles and doings. Stop the terrorism in Northeast India, before it is too late.
September 17, 2012

mangpainan said:


I greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I had read your message through mail,we the people of God we are to preach and teach ,train those who did not know Jesus is the Savior of the whole world people.
To share this Gospel we need prepare,I am now teaching and training to the people to come know the Lord Jesus Christ.So I need your help and support,what you spent Let God to repay and bless you.
November 18, 2012

Meghan Patton said:

@mangpanin,you have no idea what you are talking about and we Nagas will spread the Word of God as long as God allows,and talking about terrorism we ain't terrorists,we are fighting for what's ours,we are fighting for our God's given inhereternce in this world,we are not Indians and are not related to India in the times past and we will not seek to part of India in the future too.
September 26, 2013

nagas suck said:

Abe jaa be sale madarchod naga haga ke bachhe!!smilies/angry.gif u nagas were never indians only!!! U were burmese who penetrated and displaced peaceful indian tribes of kamrupa and pragjyotisapura!!! N now u r killing innocent jawans of indian army in name of some stupid crusade!!!! Really,u nagas are not indians only!!! So,u r deserved to be driven out of india!!!! All the naga bastards!!!
November 22, 2013

Real Indians Suck alot said:

Iam a Naga and I got a big problem with People like naga suck.... We dont want to be an Indian, Its your Governments fault and fucking Gandhi... You Indian stink, black as coal and Gross... I wish pakistan crushes India... And have you heard yourself speak... The way you muthafuckin speak english is so funny... Hey Go bother your own sister/brother.. gtfo
February 13, 2014

Real Indians Suck alot said:

Guess what FUCK YOU
February 13, 2014

charles said:

Let it happen in the center and Delhi so please pray for it
The population of Delhi of christian are .9% not belevier all together
So please pray
June 09, 2014

puneet said:

It seems a lot similar to wiping out of the native european culture. I dont know on whose payroll your church is working. But im sure this political interference will only bring bad name on christianity. I can only hope that we will be able to cut off influence of outsiders,no disrespect to christian brothers and sisters and our good naga people
August 31, 2014

Akhil pillutla said:

praise the lord i'm the missionary i'm doing jesus christ ministry work in hyderabad around among unreach people please support me help and pray for me my contact phone no 09951305765 email:
September 11, 2014

robert said:

.... be a Christian ... serve God and Seek God... For He is the true God who is Eternal!! And yes I am proud to Be a Naga as being a Naga... I know the real God, true God n Savior God.... if I were Not a Naga at present I would have been worshipping the idols... luv u Christians God saves Us
November 16, 2015

Soman Mathews said:

Praise The Lord !!
Praise The Lord !!
May all Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ !!
Respected Brothers & Sisters,
Request your kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate
Promotion in Office , so that I can help many and can donate more for
Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh. ( I have been
earnestly praying for this need since 2006).Though almost all my
colleagues and even my juniors have got elevation, I am condemned,
though I worked very hard.
As my Promotion in Office is delayed for long, I am
facing lot of Humiliation from all my family members and from my
colleagues. Also in my present place of posting I have lot of
Financial difficulties and other hardships ;so I request Prayers for
my transfer from this place Urgently. I am depressed a lot.
-Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.
Requesting for your kind Prayers repeatedly because I
am worried a lot, due to various problems at Home and in Office.
I am constantly praying for an immediate Transfer to
Andhra Pradesh to take up Gospel Works and Charity Works along with my
Official Work.
God Bless.
– Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.

March 17, 2016

Harvest Praise And Worship Team, Sivasagar, ASSAM, INDIA said:

Praise the Lord!

we are serving the almighty Lord through praise and worship and our goal is to bring the lost to Jesus. we have some requirements of musical instruments to serve the lord with singing. we need sponsorer to help us in our ministry and we need financial support too. we will look forward for a positive answer from you and we would be grateful to you forever as we will be praying for you.

our team members-
Gilbert Showers
Uddit Scott
Rupam Stafford

thank you and looking forward to your reply.
God bless you. Amen.
April 26, 2016

Velusuyi khamo said:

to whom it may concern
I have been in Mariyang, upper saing dist of arunachal trying to do a mission work. but I am in need of some sponscers to support me and my ministry. out there we are even facing communication problems with others due to poor network. ur helping hand will be highly appreciated.
God bless
Velusuyi Khamo
phone no. 9402039409
September 07, 2016

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