Desperate need for more Bibles

The simple goal here is to help equip China 's Christians with God's Word.

Country Profile

1.2 billion
Capital City:
Extremely diverse; tropical in south to subarctic in north
Non-religious 50%; Chinese 28.5%; Buddhist 8.4%, Christian 7.25%;
Other 6.3%
People Groups:
Unreached People Groups:
Persecution index:
The growth of the Church in China since 1977 has no parallels in history

With the Christian community numbering between 60 and 90 million and given the tremendous growth rate of the church in China (some say 30,000 new believers each day), there is serious shortage of he Scriptures. AsiaLink has for many years been serving Christians inside China who are printing Bibles. We also help with training, church planting and the Living Martyrs Fund. Click here to find out more.


A limited number of Bibles are now legally printed inside China but nowhere near enough to meet demand. It remains almost impossible for rural Christians to get hold of a copy of the Bible. Millions of Christians are still without God's Word.

Cost: £1.50 covers the cost of printing and distributing one Bible. £150 provides enough for 150 Bibles. 100% of funds designated for printing goes to this Bible production. Give to China ministries here.

Check-out our interactive map and see if you can find where in the world China is.
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David Huang said:

Share this website in Chinese which is a Chinese Christian website.No soliciting for money or other things can be found here.
June 16, 2012

David Huang said:

We are Christian missionaries and distribute gospel tracts here inside china.
June 16, 2012

HistoryMakers said:

Thanks David for your hard work in China. We too support Chinese evangelists in seeing the church planted among all the peoples. You might be interested in how we go about doing this:
June 18, 2012

Carolyn jones said:

A friend here in the US has a Chinese friend in China that is trying to find a Church or Chinese Mission there. They are a new believer in Christ and she really needs information to where this person can go. If you could please help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you.
December 03, 2012

Lorenzo Ramirez said:

Ihave a friend in Huludao, Xingcheng District Liaoning that recently accepted Christ as her Savior. Is there a Bible believing church in her area? She has just had heart surgery and encouragement from fellow believers would be so benificial to her
March 31, 2014

Brenton said:

Try these web sites for on line Chinese Bibles and literature simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
June 28, 2014

asav kumar valluru said:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings to you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
We are from Almighty english medium(from LKG to 7std) (Christian) school in India. We have established school in year of 2010. And have a government school recognition, we are running the school voluntarily for tribal poor and needy children. Now we have a great need that is school van we have no at least mini vehicle to transport the school children, we are help less and we are facing big problem to pickup and to drop the children daily. so that we are humbly requesting to our God’s family members please pray and help for us to glorify the God’s name
Thanking you
God bless your ministry
From Asav kumar valluru
Cell: 7893182218
July 07, 2016

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