83% Buddhist. Dictatorship & Exploitation. Unreached Tribes.

This project endeavours to support national evangelists in an effort to stimulate primary mission work in rural Burma.

Country Profile

45.5 million
Capital City:
Tropical monsoon; cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers
Buddhist 83%; Christian 8.7%; Muslim 3.8%; Chinese 3%; Other 1.6%
People Groups:
Unreached People Groups:
Persecution index:
Buddhism is strongly entrenched among the Burmese majority
This project endeavours to supplement local indigenous giving to national evangelists in an effort to stimulate primary mission work in rural Burma.
Burma's minority groups face considerable pressure both from Buddhist groups as well as from government opposition. Many struggle. Churches have been burned to the ground and believers continue to face obstacles at work and school. There are added problems within the Church. Strong, central control in Churches has slowed down much of the evangelistic work in Burma.

Cost: £20 a month will help top-up local Burmese giving to stimulate missionary efforts among minority groups. Give to Burma ministries here.
Thank God for individual believers and families from among minority groups who have come to the Lord. They risk their very lives. Pray for a breakthrough by the Holy Spirit among each of the resistant groups. Pray too for revival among traditional Churches.
Check-out our interactive map and see if you can find where in the world Burma is.
Burma Background 1 Burma Background 2 Burma Background 3 Burma Background 4
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Pastor Tun Hlaing said:


This is Tun Hlaing, live in the southern chin state, Paletwa. It is the border of Chin and Rakhine states. I was converted into Christianity in 1993, by the Baptist ministers. I joined in Bible school in 2000, then graduate in 2004. I have been serving the Lord in the remote localities of the chin villages in Plaetwa, Mrauk-u, and Minbya of Rakhine state. Since 2007 I founded Ho Christian Mission for the Ho ethnic groups. All the minister are indigenous trained ministers, they are working at the villages, help educations,and bringing the gospel to the animism and Buddhism. By the grace of God, the mission is blessed, and have been found more than 13 small cell-churches. Now we are looking for partnership and we invite you to help us. Look forward your response.

Tun Hlaing
Mission Coordinator

August 26, 2011

Idongesit Okon said:

Hello Tun Hlaing,

I am Miss Idongesit Okon, Your sister in the Lord from Nigeria. I have lived in Malaysia for 4 years and I have passion in reaching out to people in asia as the Lord helps. I will be very happy to support the move of God in Burma finanacially, in prayers and even visit the church there. Please keep me posted via my email on the area of needs for the work of God to move on. Everyone must know Christ and be saved. The greatest gift from above. I look forward to hear from you.

Jesus loves you
Yours in Christ
Idongesit Okon
March 18, 2012

Bethany Walsh said:

I stumbled upon this website and before reading this had never heard of Burma. I live in California, United States. I am praying for your all and the work you are doing. May God protect you and may you see a move of HIS Holy Spirit.
November 20, 2012

bob jamieson said:

looking to help the Christian community in Myanmar(Burma), require lodgings and travel, God will reach out, if you know of any group who requires a Pastor/evangelist please let them know about this post.
December 17, 2012

Immanuel Edward said:

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Christ,

I am seeking information & connections to assist local community to spread the Good News in the marketplace. I represent a group of young christian who are keen to use their God given ability to serve the young and future business/nation leaders in Myanmar. Please contact me for more details.
Thanks. God bless

Immanuel Edward
February 08, 2013

Peter Ram Uk said:

Dear Tun

We do want to jion with you

March 07, 2013

Matthew said:

I am seeking a suitable couple to work at my house in Thailand

I am English, working in Singapore

My wife is Thai and she lives at our home in Thailand

I have attached a loose Job Spec

I do not want a "silly girl and a silly boy" I would much prefer a solid couple

This is not short term, but LONG term for the right couple, probably 10 years maybe 15 years

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. We are only now expecting children. In fact we have twins arriving end of April

Our house, just south of Thung Song, Nakon Si Thammarat, is being converted and extended now to make room for babies

A separate building (within my grounds) is also being constructed. Part of this is accommodation for these workers

Your thoughts and opinions appreciated

Please note: The husband can make additional funds with the 50/50 profit share as detailed in Job Spec

Conditions of Employment for Husband & Wife Team
General Terms:

•One Year Contract
•Followed by one month’s leave
•Payment of $450 SGD per month worked, paid cash and/or bank transfer in currency of choice
•Transport cost paid
•Basic 6 Days Work followed by 1 day Off (Sunday OFF)
•Flexi Hours, average of 10 hours per day (early start and long lunch time siesta due to ambient temperature)
•Doctors Fees for standard conditions and accidents (non dreaded diseases and existing conditions)
•Employment Medical, taken in Thailand
•Employer will provide all tools, equipment, seeds and stock
•Employee will maintain and protect all tools, equipment, seeds and stock
•Employer will provide private bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
•Employer will provide initial sleeping mattress, electric fan
•Employee will ensure that provided equipment is cared for and maintained
•Employee will provide own linen, towels, personal hygiene requisites

Visa Charges:
•If applicable, these will be paid by employer

Wife Duties: To act as a House Keeper and Assistant for two young babies.

•House Cleaning: to include vacuum, sweeping and mopping floors. Dust and polish furniture
•Bathrooms: clean toilets, showers, sinks.
•Bedrooms: change linen once a week or as required
•Kitchen: to include cleaning of fridge freezer, cupboards, worktops and oven
•Kitchen: to include food preparation and cooking
•Kitchen: use dishwasher and hand washing of cooking utensils
•Dining Area: set table and clear as required

•Veranda, sweep and mop tiled floor
•Veranda table clean, dust and polish as required
• Office, vacuum and mop as required
•Office bathroom, clean as required
•Clean tiled floor at Laundry area (sweep and mop)
•Use automatic washing machine
•Place washed clothes on garden drier
•Collect clothes from drier when dry and fold ready for ironing
•Use tumble drier when weather is raining
•Use steam iron to iron clothes and return clothes to cupboards & drawers
•Accompany my wife and babies as required on Days Out
•Accompany my wife and babies when shopping for food and household items
•Assist with shopping in supermarket and loading of car
•Assist as required with two babies, feeding, washing, putting them to bed, baby sitting
•Feed dog twice a day as directed

Hours (flexible depending on Day Program, but assumed as 10 hours)
•Attend main house at 06.00
•Siesta Noon to 15.00
•Depart main house 19.00

March 23, 2013

Salai Tun Lin said:

Dear Christian Friend

I need your prayer and help for the mission work in Myanmar. Recently, I am serving the Lord as a church planter in Htauk Kyant, Yangon,and have small children home with 5 orphans, my friends and I planted some churches among Dai people in Southern Chin State.

I do need your love and hand to save the people of Myanmar.
March 23, 2013

Paul Manaai Cheng said:

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,
A warm and welcoming Christian greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am passionate about church planting and orphanage ministries, but in a very limited resources. I launch out orphanage home by faith with a small number of orphans this year here in Yangon. You are invited to take part in this ministry.

In Him,
Christ For All Nations Mission of Myanmar
April 15, 2013

Shiyas said:

Christians Are the Real Devils and the Enemy of Peace of World; all the major mass killings operated by Christians (Rome/NATO-Christians Union) including the Holywar/Crusades which started by the Christians (Rome/NATO-Christian Union) against from Spain in 11th Century to destroy the Muslim World, still its continues through the Middles and Asian Countries of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, India, Burma with the support of other anti-Muslim communities (Jewish, Hindu, Budh, etc...) in the new name dramatic mission/movement of anti-Muslim Terrorism.

World's only the Atomic bombing in Hiroshima-Nagasaki was completely operated by the great Christians (Rome/NATO-Christian Union) to capture Japan which was with majority of Budh by killing almost 150,000 people mostly budhists. Now the Japan is complete under Christian (USA). Still 1000s of people suffering from major illness and disabilities because of the radiation from the Atomic Bombing which dropped in Japan by Christians (Rome/NATO-Christians).

Killing 6 millions of Jewish people in Europe during 2nd world war to protect the Christians and Europe from Jewish people with support of Christians Pope (Rome/NATO-Christian Union). In fact the Christians (Rome/NATO-Christians Union) very cleverly utilized Hitler to wipe-out Jewish community from Europe to protect Christians. Hitler enjoyed by killing Jewish people for almost 4 years with the support of Christians (Rome/NATO-Christian Union).

Now the Christians spends billions of dollar to destroy the strength and wealth of Muslim world by creating violence withing Muslim communities and between Muslims and other anti-Muslim communities (Jewish/Hindu/Budh,etc...). Also the Christians focus on creating violence between Asian and Middle East Counties to bold their influence on Asia and Middle East and to make the by selling their products like war equipments and other technologies.

Since more than 500 years the Christians rules India, still its continue by fooling all the Hindus and by creating violence between Hindus and Muslims.
April 18, 2013

John Britto said:

Dear Brother Tun Hlaing,

I am seeking information about the Christian Mission works that is ongoing in Myanmar. May i know how the saints are Equipped and how may bible schools are there in the country. We are a group of Christian professionals wanting to with local organization. Please contact me for more details.
Thanks. God bless
In Christ
John Britto
April 28, 2013

Rev.Cin Sian Pau said:

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ!
May I share about our Myanmar Mission as follow;
Description of Myanmar Urban Rural Christian Mission

Message from Founder: Greeting you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior from Myanmar Urban Rural Christian Mission ((former: Myanmar Rural Mission), Myanmar (former: Burma), Southeast Asia. Myanmar Urban Rural Christian Mission seeks to serve the cause of Christ in Myanmar. Today Myanmar (former: Burma) has become an important focal point in the interests of Christian from the World.
How to begin: I founded the MURCM in 1994(at beginning Myanmar Rural Mission). There was no capital fund for this mission. As our family, we gave a piglet to the board of deacons in my mother Church that it would be reared by any of the poorer families who would give back half of the piglets to progress and wide our aims the first one might bring.
How to run: The financial source for this mission to run God had been from one of our close relatives who set apart a portion of his monthly income by providing his vehicle business before. Unhopefully, he found it difficult to make regular contribution since the government let him change his truck engine from petrol to CNG gas engine lost a big sum for him and also he could not continued to provide our mission. Because they had sold their vehicles. We have not yet sponsored from any organization and denomination until today.
Vision statement: The vision and a burning desire to start a rural mission which hot to raise and progress fpr the humanity development of the poor villagers in Rural. This came to me while I was pastoring at Sawbuayishin Baptist Church since 1994. I spent a number of times with the Lord in prayer and seeking for His own good time. My heart was broken for the broken people when I found the poor villagers’ living standard in rural.

Mission Goals:
There are five goals of mission according to the Great commission.
(1) To preach to Gospel (Good New) of the Kingdom. (Matt 4:23-24, Luke 8:1)
(2) To baptize and nurture those who received Christ that they may become true believers (Matt 28:18-19, 16:24-26)
(3) To share human needs in political and economic, social with love (Gen4, Matt 20:28,25:40)
(4) To change the world into a Society of justice and integrity (Isaiah 40:3-5, Luke 4:18-19)
(5) To preserve and renew the natural environment Gos has created. (Gen 1:26f,Ps 24:1)

Our charity is dedicated to helping people in the poorer parts of the Myanmar, especially widows and poor & orphan children, improving their life through education, medical help, and accommodation and through the Love of Christ shown by Christians in this country and elsewhere in the developed world. To do this we do need your help and support both in prayer and finance.
Statement of faith:
1.We believe that there is one God in the form of three persons. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
2.We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ as God the Son, His virgin birth, His death on the cross at Calvary, in our place, His resurrection from the dead and His forthcoming return.
3.We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, that we are all sinners and in need of salvation, and that the only hope for redemption is in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
4. With all of these truths in mind we proudly bear the title of Christians, committing ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, bound together with the love of the Savior, our other members, and our fellow man.
Purpose Of Mission:
-To reach the unreached and the whole Myanmar with the Word of God,
- To evangelize Myanmar with the Gospel - by using effective means and methods,
- To plant churches in the whole Myanmar,
- To equip believers to equip others with effective means and methods, including by Bible studies,traning, conference, crusade, seminar, etc.,
- To offer hope, love, and caring to every person,
- To help the poor, widows, orphans, wandering kids, and oppressed of Myanmar to become self-sufficient,
- To minister to the total man or woman, to his or her body, mind and spirit, in an attempt to bring wholeness back into lives, families, and relationships,
- To minister to the alcoholic, drug-dependent, and person with a problem, including counseling,job placement and rehabilitation,
- To help give leaders an internal strong foundation to handle the stresses and challenges of leadership,
- To work with other persons, churches, ministries, groups and agencies to help perform the previously listed functions. We are running with some new churches planting in Myanmar. God is doing great things through powerful prayers in Myanmar.
If someone feels touched by God to help us, he is welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with this email: murcmission@gmail.com.
Thank you for your generous giving and kindness.
we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours in His vineyard
Rev.Cin Sian Pau
Myanmar,southeast Asia
August 12, 2013

Jack Redd said:

Hi, im Jack and I go to Crist church academy. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do.
September 03, 2013

Rev. James San Aung said:

Dear Partners in Gospel of Christ,
With prayer and greetings, I would like to send this letter to you in the name of Christ from Lutheran Bible Training Institute (LBTI all of our faculty members. I hope that you and all of your family will be fine and happy in the Lord.
I would like to invite to join in prayers for the End time harvest for the Lord in Myanmar. Could you pray for needs of our ministry in our Institute? If you need information for your prayer please let me know.
Welcome to visit and minister to Myanmar. We would like to invite you and your team to give some training for our students.
Now we have 11 committed Bible students who came from the bordering villages to Bangladesh and India. They have no sponsor for their study. Now, I always ask God for his provision for them.
How are your works and ministries going on there now? We will always remember you all in my fervent prayer that may the Lord almighty grants you great favor on you and bless you all with greater blessings with greater work for the extension of His Kingdom!
May the peace of Christ be with you all always! Amen.
In Christ,
Rev. James San Aung,
No.38/D, Thar Yar Aye (1st) Street, Taung Thu Gone Ward,
Insein, Yangon, The Republic of Union of MYANMAR
Office Phone: +95-1-642550

October 02, 2013

biakling said:

no money.no mission. but money is not first.
November 08, 2013

rev_radu said:

hi my brother in christ Tun Hlaing and all who are here.

i am fr. radu from romania, i am orthodox chrisitan prist and i like to pray for nations and in special to unreach ones.
what i want to shere with u and others is that the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH is the ancent church and the original church belt by LORD JESUS and his 12 apostols. for more info go on GOOOGLE an finde informations about ORTHODOX CHURCH.
the romanians, my nations gat the GOSPLE 2000 years ago by one of JESUS' APOSTOL, ST. ANDREW.

February 11, 2014

James said:

Partner/Co-operate with us for the missions in Burma: www.jmaministries.org
August 19, 2014

david thang dung aung said:

dear beloved brother in Christ,with earnestly prayer and greeting,i would like to send this letter in Christ from Rakhine state, Mrauk U.Thank you for knowing your faithful work for the lord by doing seminar for missionary around Myanmar.i would like to invite you to do pastor seminar in Mrauk U,the one who are working in Mrauk U and chin state( on the bank of laymyo river).There are at least between 50 and 60 ministries in many different kind of denomination on the bank of laymyo river.but most of pastors and missionary does not having experience of truly being born again.They never love their church and members.They do not know how to lead the church to be revival as they are uneducated.When i know our land problem in spiritual,i am willing to do seminar for all pastors and missionary by getting some help from any groups. i earnestly pray exactly two years for get speaker and sponsor for this seminar.so, always welcome you to come and have seminar in our land. in Christ, DavidThang dung Aung.MraukU.
October 13, 2014

Rethish said:

Praise the Lord.
I am looking some real born again full gospel english church in Yangon. Since i am in this city almost 4 month no seen till today. If someone can help it will be a highly blessing.
God Bless You all


November 08, 2014

steve curtis said:

Dear John Britto (and everyone else with a heart for Burma),

We are working with a number of indigenous churches and Bible schools/seminaries in Burma. Feel free to contact me for more information: steve@timothytwo.org
December 28, 2014

Rev.Roby Thomas said:


“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few, Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest.” (Matt.9:37-3smilies/cool.gif
"A Rhema mission is a worldwide Christian Mission.

Rhema Ministries is an indigenous Christian faith ministry in India. Our main objective is to proclaim and promote the Good News of Christ Jesus with the cooperation of believers in India and abroad. We strive to restore dignity and self-worth to the down-trodden of society, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race or gender. We are committed to accomplish the Great Commission of the Lord.

Rhema Ministries has got Music ministry, Village and Tribal ministry team, Evangelism ministry, Child evangelism ministry, youth ministry, blood donation mission and charity works spread across India and abroad. Our organization is engaged mainly in charitable activities and Christian faith Evangelism ministry and church ministry such as running Christian Ministry training centers, providing free food and cloth for the poor children’s, relief works, blood donation mission sending our gospel team to various parts of India to spread the good news about Christ Jesus and to serve the poor and organizing ministry leaders conferences all over India We, moreover carry out evangelical programmes and provide services to the people even in the outskirts of India. We, through Christ, continue our steadfast labor of love in proclaiming the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and our personal ministry to the saints and the unsaved.
Rhema Mission India is a non – profitable registered Trust. Rhema Mission India was established by Rev. Roby Thomas and Mrs. Linu Robin in 2011 at India, Kerala (st.), to humanize people, sharing the love of Lord Jesus Christ by propagation of the Good News. The Mission is a non – profitable registered Trust. Rhema worldwide Christian Mission Project in 2015-2016 targets out of country (Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh)

Rev.Roby Thomas is a man of motivation, hard work, prayer, commitment and exemplary vision to serve the communities and win souls for Christ. His whole life is dedicated to minister in the un-reached areas of India and abroad. Now God has raised many men and women to stand with him to fulfill His Great Commission. Last few weeks
Rev.Roby Thomas is fasting and prayer for Christian ministry in Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Now special God’s inspiration for visit the Burma villages and start gospel ministry. Rhema mission team very interested visit Burma. Help for visa sponsorship (No financial help). Any gospel worker attention Rhema mission is launching your village (church and bible school) we are ready to support for your gospel work. Pray for ministry

Our mission is to encourage, inspire and bring about practical change through community development, awareness and ...humanitarian efforts to promote communal unity, build the nation, uplift the poor and restore the dignity of the downtrodden and oppressed

ISAIAH 61;1-3
.....Our vision is to obey Christ’s command to love our neighbors and be passionate about helping those in need and to reach the unreached at any cost with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ who never ever heard the gospel and to build Churches ,Free educational institutions for poor student, village ministry, charity work, free theological institution, etc….
i.Church planting,
ii.Bible college (free training for ministry),
iii.Higher education seminary (theological study)
iv.Cloth distribution for poor children
v.Royal Education fund (scholarship for poor student)
vi.Missionary seminar (for field work) etc..
Visit our website: www.rhemaministriesindia.com
E-mail ID: thomas.roby1@gmail.com

February 18, 2015

Shella Mae Dedal said:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus.i just want to ask can missionaries frm philippines enter myanmar and reach your people. How can it be possible? Please reply.
October 11, 2015

Steve said:

Hi Shella,
Missionaries can enter into Myanmar.what area of the mission works you want to focus? You want to work as a short term or long term missionary? You can inbox me at promisedlandintransit@gmail.com
October 17, 2015

Rev.Cin Sian Pau said:

Hi Shella
I suggested already you for missionary journey to Myanmar.We welcome all of God-used ministers. May God guide your plans so that it may be able to glorify His name and to expand His kingdom.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours in His vineyard
Rev.Cin Sian Pau
January 11, 2016

Suan Maung Maung said:

Hi my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

My name is Suan Maung Maung from Yangon.Myanmar.I minister at a small evangelical Church.

I have been working among the Asho Chin Buddhists for eight year my ministry is a faith based mission work.

I run my mission by faith.Some time I receives gifts and spent for the misson work.

I had like to invite those who are call to the mission work the harvest is plenty but the labors are few.

If any one interest to the overseas mission I welcome you to be partners with the faith based mission.

The name of our ministry is free evangelical church planting mission we also started a Bible school call Judson Centre for thelogical studies & mission.

Please contact me I appreciated of the history maker as you connects christian around the world.

You can find me about more on linkedin if you are being toouch

Sincerely in Christ.
March 22, 2016

Dr. P. Love said:

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters. I have a Christian prayer team of around 20 christians. Many are Pastors from all over the world. We are called Koinonia International prayer team. I gather all the prayer requests through the week and send out the list on Thursday night so we can all pray for each other on Friday. Currently we do not have any ministers from any part of Asia and God has put it on my heart to reach out. Anyone interested in becoming a committed prayer team member please contact me at...dr.love_dd@yahoo.com God Bless You
September 04, 2016

Pastor. Lal Chawm Thang Bawm said:

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ

Greetings to Jesus Holy name !

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, I have established Gospel Outreach Ministries in Chittagong Hill Districts Bangladesh. So, every one of Christian friends pray for my ministries particularly, for spiritual maturity.
November 12, 2017

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