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Thank you for your interest in our short-term trips. At AsiaLink we are passionate about reaching those who have no opportunity to hear the gospel. We’re keen to provide young people with the experience of partnering with national Christians and coming face to face with untouched cultures. We are also committed to making sure that our range of unique itineraries are well researched and affordable.

The trips we organize carry an element of risk to your personal safety which is why the minimum age is 18. By its very nature adventure travel involves an element of the unexpected. In remote and developing countries do not expect standards you are used to at home. Remote areas are sometimes unpredictable and itineraries may be altered. To get the most out of your trip it is important that you are flexible, positive and eager to take on all the challenges that arise. If you are uncertain about your suitability for this trip we recommend that you speak with ourselves, your pastor or church leaders.



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faith molina said:

Dear History Makers,

I am blessed by your posts. I pray that i may participate in your zeal and passion to reach the unreached for Christ. I am a Filipina, currently in Tokyo as a full time PhD student. We usually have 1 month vacation in spring (April) and summer (August).

I hope you have an available short term mission trip for those dates in Philippines or countries in South East Asia.

Thank you. Hoping for a response.

Faith Molina
March 02, 2011

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