What People Are Saying

dgbill walsh, Director of International Outreach, Desiring God.

“Through their incredible video projects, AsiaLink has been a great partner in missions mobilization. I love their strategy for reaching the unreached of Asia by supporting indigenous efforts among the churches that are already there. There is so much great work to be done, and we are blessed to be partnering with AsiaLink“

dr. daniel akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“AsiaLink has a consuming passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ going to the nations. With a particular focus on Asia, their zeal for evangelism among the unreached peoples is contagious. May it spreadlike a wild fire for the glory of the King whose name is Jesus"

dr. paul eshleman, Vice-President, Campus Crusade for Christ.
Director, Finishing the Task.

“AsiaLink is doing a superb job of bringing the priority of reaching Unreached People Groups to the attention of the Global Church.I use the visionary videos they have developed in my ministry everywhere. They are excellent!“


"Amazing video, again!"
Desiring God

"I love what you are doing"
Ray Comfort, Living Waters

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Campus Crusade

"Makes me want to sell everything I have and hit the road!"
Kathy Tatler

"It has been very alarming to us to discover how many in our small church body in far north Idaho have very little awareness of, or appreciation for the need for missions to unreached people groups, or of the incredible suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We'd love to begin opening their eyes to the truth, starting with much prayer, and the use of your videos if possible"
Kristina Breneman

"The Spirit is kicking my butt right now. No doubt, my priorities are messed up."
Mich, YouTube

Short-term Trips

"Before I came on this trip, I was aware of the command to 'go', but having come to a place like Nepal, I am more explicitly aware of just how great the need is for us to do this. It will impact on my own personal evangelism when I get home (to Scotland) and I pray that God will continue to keep the fire burning within me to lead others to Christ."
Paul, Scotland

"The mission trip with AsiaLink's youth dept. HistoryMakers, was something I'll never forget. God showed me that although the people are being persecuted for their faith, that He hasn't forgotten them and that He is blessing them as they serve and obey Him, despite the consequences they could face in doing so. We, in Ireland and the UK need to learn from them and start obeying God when it comes to sharing our faith, or we'll never experience the blessings and growth that they see. Attending the underground church was a highlight for me and I left feeling encouraged in my faith and challenged at the same time. It was a wonderful experience and something that anyone of us could do."
Suzie, Ireland

"What a blessing it was to be part of the short term mission trip, not only were we able to bless the pastors as we gave them Bibles and literature but we were each personally blessed by God as well. When we prayed, God even provided a great English-speaking driver whom we were able to witness to, and when we prayed for opportunities, God gave us 4 people to talk to on the first day. God has blessed me, through the people we met, the people on the team and the amazing things He has taught me. I thank him for sending me to SE Asia and showing me how much he loves the unreached people over there."
Chris, Oxfordshire


"The ministry of AsiaLink & HistoryMakers has made a profound impact on many members of our congregation. Their work alongside indigenous missionaries and the powerful testimonies shared in our church were inspiring and challenging. I would commend them to anyone seeking to foster a missions minded community of believers who want to impact the nations with the gospel"
Kirk Crager, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Stockport, England

"I am excited about HistoryMakers and the vision God has given them. They have an ability to reach and motivate young people for front-line missions, in a generation where many young people seem confused and blinded to God's heart for reaching the nations. I recommend HistoryMakers as an excellent resource for all youth, and the young at heart!"
Paul Hattaway, Director, Asia Harvest & author (The Heavenly Man, Project Pearl, Operation China)

"Amazing! I have seen the impact HistoryMakers & AsiaLink has made upon our youth! This ministry has brought an awareness of frontline missions exposing God's heart for reaching the nations that was unknown before to many in our church. Truly it is a wake up call, not just to our youth but for all who believe, to fulfill the great Commission!"
David ‘Packie’ Hamilton, Evangelist and Pastor, Heaton Chapel Christian Church, England

Bible verse

you display your power among the peoples - Psalm 77:14