Purpose and Vision

    HistoryMakers is the youth and student division of AsiaLink, a Christian mission agency connecting churches with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia. Our work focusses on helping indigenous church leaders to direct their own outreach among Asia’s least-reached peoples. AsiaLink helps support evangelists and church-planters in some of the region’s most inaccessible areas and our goal is to see the Church planted where Christ has never been named. Our work is a cross-section of ministry from print and distribution of evangelistic literature and Bibles in restricted access areas to relief and community development projects among unreached people groups where the ultimate focus of the aid includes evangelism and church planting. Every year we also take short-term teams into Asia where invited to do so.

    HistoryMakers: Mobilizing the next generation


    There are few better ways to impact people than through well-planned short-term trips. These range from delivering Bibles into restricted access areas to distributing tracts at beaches, through cities, in jungles or on the Himalayas. Others commit themselves to pray for those on the teams.


    A big part of what we do is in the local church. We're the link between congregations and the unreached of Asia. Holding meetings, large conferences, small group studies, seminars and workshops are avenues for us to inform, inspire, challenge and encourage students to be Christ-centered missional believers.


    Inspired Christians are active Christians. Powerful media can touch thousands of hearts, inspiring action and obedience to the Great Commission. Historymakers provides cutting edge videos. These mobilization tools are seen by millions of believers across six continents, shown in some of the largest missions conferences in the world and continue to stir and motiviate the Body of Christ around the world every day. Our goal is to provide high quality videos to the masses.


     Regular information is a great antidote to the lack of awareness for world missions. Our Social Networking Forums on Facebook and Twitter provide regular news, Scripture, quotes and challenges to stir thousands of young Christians every day. We also provide bi-monthly updates and a youth-focussed Magazine.  Join here.

    Why Asia?

    Asia is home to the largest percentage of unreached people groups

    The Arab, Buddhist, Communist and Hindu countries of Asia are considered to be among the least reached on earth, with millions who've never even heard of Christ. Oswald Smith famously said: “We talk of the second coming, half the world has never even heard of the first”. Places like Tibet, Maldives, N.Korea and Laos host some of the most unevangelized people on earth.


    There are only around 300,000 missionaries in the world. Of those, just 3% work among the least-reached. Of all donations within the church worldwide, less than 0.1% are concentrated on these. Something is not right. Even though Asia contains the majority of untouched places on the planet, the overwhelming majority of the protestant mission force and funding is aimed elsewhere.

    Non-western dominance

    Although Asia is largely unreached, there are believers in and around some of the world’s most inaccessible places. They are vital because of their effectiveness - local believers are often far better positioned to begin the work of evangelising their own people than we are. Our history of ministry has shown us just how amazing indigenous missions can be.

    Jesus said "Go!"

    Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, affirms this - the Gospel must go into all the world before Christ will return (Matt 24:14). World missions is at the centre of God's plan for His glory. (Gen 12:3, Luke 24:47, 1 John 2:2, Rev 7:9).

    Bible verse

    The Lamb is its lamp The nations will walk by its light - Revelation 21:23-24

    Missions Quote

    "Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work." - A.B. Simpson