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Summer Trips 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018 14:26




HistoryMakers trips offer opportunities for you to get to grips with God's heart for global missions. Through prayer, discussion and practical service, you'll capture some of God's heart for His world and begin to figure out your place in His great mission plan.

We’re looking for young adults (18-26) ready to serve the church in Asia. Could you join one of our short-term teams to reach youth and children in India or smuggle Bibles in South-East Asia?

Email historymakers@asialink.org with any questions and for an application form.



Spend a week in the capital of this sprawling nation serving alongside a youth-orientated outreach project among the streets of Delhi (with a visit to the mighty Taj Mahal!) The team will leave the noise of the city to discover what life as a Christian is like in rural India. We'll be travelling to a village in the Vijayawada region of south-east India and visiting a network of churches to run outreach to local children and serve the church practically.

Location: Delhi & Vijayawada

Dates: 6 - 21 July

Cost: £1200 approx.

Ages: 18-26



Experience a trip like no other by travelling to South-East Asia to serve the church in a country closed to Christianity. Smuggle Bibles into a country with no access to God's Word, discover what outreach looks like among the unreached, spend time with the underground church and serve an organisation dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking.

Location: South-East Asia* (cannot disclose countries online for security reasons)

Dates: 13 - 26 August

Cost: £1400 approx.

Ages: 18-26


Previous HistoryMakers team members had this to say...


“I have been in such awe of the Christians in this part of the world: the strength of their faith, the work they do and how they live out Matthew 28:18-20. Their dependence on the Lord and the way they seek him so consistently is humbling and challenging. I for one am definitely challenged to take an honest and thorough look at my life and how I live it and make some changes for the better, for God.”


“God has challenged me a lot throughout these two weeks. I feel like my eyes are open to what global mission really is. Being out here on a small team and doing only a small bit and seeing all the work that still has to be done made me wonder why we all don't consider it. God tells us that the gospel should be spread throughout the world, and that we should be true servants of that challenged me and made me really think about it.”

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Amy Carmichael

Thursday, 27 May 2010 14:45
amy india

55 Years Without A Furlough

"You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving"

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Jim Elliot

Wednesday, 16 September 2009 12:05
jimelliotWASTED LIFE?

Five Missionaries Speared To Death In Jungle

Many people thought it was a tragic waste of a life when Jim Elliot and the other four missionaries died trying to contact the unreached Aucas.

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Greatest Story Never Told
The Greatest Story Never Told

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